About Lanny Goodman

There are fixers and there are healers.

The fixer just puts out the fire and never asks or wonders where the fire came from or why it ignited at that time and in that location.

There is a time and a place for the fixer, but if you want to understand the root causes of the challenges you face running your company, division, or unit, you need someone who looks deeper, a healer.

Every organizational challenge has root causes. Every personal and leadership challenge does as well.

When you are ready for support in your personal growth and development as a leader, I can be your Executive Coach.

When you need to solve organizational challenges and need a consultant with deep knowledge, background and experience, I am on deck for you.

I have also developed a unique system for designing organizations that are self-organizing, so that the leader, in time, winds up with little operational work to do. Imagine, having the bandwidth for personal time, involvement in national trade organizations, raising awareness of your company as a leader in its field, or however else you wish to spend your time to maximize the quality of your business and life.

Click the link to the right for a free copy of my ebook (.pdf format) The End of Management.

I come to this work from a foundation of starting two manufacturing businesses and more than 35 years of consulting experience with companies both large and small.

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Whether you are struggling, growing, or moving sideways and want to get unstuck, I can help you transform yourself as a leader and transform your company.

There is no “one size fits all” process for accomplishing these things. The starting point is a complimentary one-hour phone conversation. Please drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll get back to you promptly to schedule a time for the call.

The End of Management book

Build a company that runs itself.
Click on the image to download a free copy of my ebook.

I can never begin to thank you enough for the help, support and the friendship that you have provided during this, probably the most difficult period of my life since becoming a business owner.

Your ability to immediately identify the root of the issues I am dealing with has helped me tremendously to begin to focus on causes rather than symptoms.

I’ll never forget your assistance and your kindness, and I hope that you continue to assist me with the growth of my business until we’re both old and gray.

Rhonda Sciortino, CEO
Human Services Insurance
Upland, CA

Lanny is the most brilliant strategic planner and corporate facilitator I have ever known.

He has worked for numerous people that I have referred him to and everybody has agreed that they have received immense value.

I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.

Jim Trattner, CEO
The Trattner Network
Santa Monica, CA

Serving leaders and companies who aspire to evolve and improve quality of business and life for themselves and their employees.